The two other slides we presented at that show were the Coricidan Medicine Bottle, or Mojo Bottle for all the Duane Allman students, and the BigHeart Hand Blown Glass Slides that are as beautiful to look at as they are to play.
The show went very well for BigHeart Slide so we had something to do for the next six months. At the next show, in Nashville, we introduced Porcelain Queen Bees and Porcelain BigHearts to a now aroused audience of slide aficionados. The Porcelain BigHearts were the first slides to incorporate a new dimension in slide design. Beside having three different cross-section playing arcs- the knife edge, the wide arc and the narrow arc- the Porcelain BigHearts also had straight and curved surfaces down the length of the slide as well. These arcs let the player to match the radius of his or her guitar fretboard or use a more traditional straight surface- all in one slide. This design idea was also incorporated into the BigHeart Resonator Slide. This is a slide designed especially for getting a strong yet subtle sound out of acoustic resonator guitars like Dobros, Nationals and others.
The next addition to the line was the BoneyFinger. This slide is polished porcelain and is my personal favorite most of the time. I was back at Ms. T-Berd's Retreat when I found, in her front yard, a beef bone shaped perfect for a slide. I'd always been curious about how bone sounded since so many of the blues players I admire, especially Fred McDowell, say they started out using a bone slide. So I polished it up and used it for a while and it sounded great- real breathy and wide, but smoother than I thought it would be. I couldn't deal with the smell of cutting bone though, so I figured I'd have mine and everybody else would just have to fend for themselves as far as bone slides were concerned. A while later I happened to try an unglazed Porcelain BigHeart on a nylon stringed guitar and it worked. It worked even when I sanded the porcelain real smooth. Great tone, smooth, quiet action and no plinks! when I tried it on electric and acoustic guitars it was a monster! It has the same sound as that beef bone but doesn't require FDA approval.

All Porcelain Slides are available by Custom Order Only.

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